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Geert De Vuyst is publisher, editor-in-chief and in charge of business development at the aroma journal.

Geert is passionate about scent and aromatic plants. He provides well-being workshops to companies and courses on scent experience, essential oils and aromatherapy applications. His work is based on scientific research and traditional use, dealing in particular with stress, psycho-emotional problems and pain conditions.

Geert holds a Master of Science in Industrial Sciences degree from Groep T (1991, Leuven, Belgium). He spent the first 15 years of his career working in high-tech industries in Toulouse and Belgium. From hightech to aromatic plants: read his journey.

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Chrystel Gérard is in charge of communications and is art director of the aroma journal. As an editorial board member, she scouts around for producers, therapists and players who are shaping today’s landscape of complementary medicine.

Chrystel is a 360° communications freelancer and specializes in consulting for and supporting innovative projects in the Social and Solidarity Economy and sustainable food and agriculture.

Chrystel studied photography in the Netherlands and builds on more than 15 years of advertising agency experience in Toulouse. Through her various professional projects, she remains in touch with sustainable development players in Brussels and Wallonia (Belgium).

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