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Aromatherapy Literature Database

What's the Aromatherapy Literature Database?

The Aromatherapy Literature Database is a collaborative and content-moderated directory for literature on aromatic plant extracts and their applications in aromatherapy.

Collaborative: authors and educators an reference publications in the Database. To do so, sign in to your account or start your account (register) (What’s an Author / Educator account?).

Content-moderated: all content on is supervised for coherence and quality reasons. Publications referals must comply with the requirements outlined in the Terms.

The document types

The Database currently references:

  • Articles: published in an online or printed journal (periodical): research articles …
  • Blog articles: articles posted on a website or blog
  • Books and book chapters: printed books and e-books; printed books require an ISBN identifier
  • Other digital documents: online directories, reports, ISO standards …

The expertise levels

Every document is assigned an expertise level:

  • notive
  • competent
  • expert

I am a publisher. How can I add my articles to the Database?

If you provide access to your article library through an API service, can fetch your publications and link them to your own website using DOI click-through. Please get in touch to discuss the workflow and process:

If you do not have an API service:

  • invite your authors to start an Author account (register) and add their articles to the Database, or
  • start an Author account as a publisher and add your articles to the Database. As this is a “technical” account, we will disable your public author page.

How do I add a publication to the Database?

How do I claim authorship of a document I (co-)authored?

Use Search at the Aromatherapy Literature Database page to locate your document.

Has your document been added to the Database?


  • Visit the document’s page.
  • In the left sidebar, look for “ARE YOU THE AUTHOR OF THIS DOCUMENT?”.
  • If you are signed in to your account: click “Claim authorship”.
  • If you are not signed in: look for “Sign in to claim authorship (sign in) (register your account)”.


  • Refer to “How do I add a publication to the Database?” above.