Authors & Educators

Martijn Vanhoorelbeke, author on
Martijn is co-founder of Aromen, the wellness expert focussing on integrating aromatherapy into daily life through inspiring workshops and easy-to-understand wellness rituals.
Pierre-Jean Michel, author on
Pierre-Jean is in charge of the distribution activities at Boèmia, connecting with distribution partners, building the network, offering in-store workshops and managing the brand's sales channels.
Geert De Vuyst, author on
With a blend of unique workshops, training courses and ingenious advice, Geert creates an uplifting impact on well-being in teams, companies and organizations.
Julien Martre, author on
Julien is in charge of the production at Boèmia, taking care of the entire value chain, from plant to bottle: picking and harvesting, maintaining crops, distilling, bottling and selecting partners.